Bus Ticketing Machine (Handheld Computer)
The first of its kind in India, BTM 100, the machine which christened MicroFx as the pioneers in automating the task of ‘on the spot’ ticket printing in buses, is sleek, small, quick and effective. The siblings of the first model followed in slim ABS plastic bodies i.e. BTM 101, BTM 102 and BTM 103. The model BTM 102 is equipped with a printer with a cutter which shears the ticket automatically after printing. The model BTM 103 has GSM and GPRS modules incorporated in them. These models have proved once again that MicroFx is synonymous with perseverance for perfection through continuous innovation. In addition to these, MicroFx BTMs equipped with RF ID modules (ISO 14443 class A. Mifare) that read ID cards and print the details in them. Blue tooth enabled machines (Range upto 100 metres) are a class apart making data transfer easier and quicker.

Handheld computers for traffic ticketing (Launching Soon)
It is a fast world and we are forced to live a fast life. In a hurry to reach their destinations, people overlook some basic rules, laws that are laid out for the safety of all road users, which have to be strictly adhered to. In the hustle-bustle of modern life, people forget to keep the driving licences with them, or they jump signals. These are sheer flouting which do not have any impunity. An officer at the scene of offence often finds it difficult to decide the amount of fine to be imposed depending on the nature of the offence. A hand held traffic ticketing machine is an ideal answer for this dilemmatic situation. A handheld traffic ticketing machine incorporating a printer is equipped with features like GSM/GPRS, RF ID, Barcode reader IR port etc. The GSM feature allows the machine to send messages to the control room whereas the GPRS facility maintains a wireless connectivity with the central server. Instantaneous decisions taken at the control room can be conveyed to the handheld machine which facilitates on the spot collection of penalty from the offender. Apart from this, a stolen vehicle can be detected promptly and it can be impounded and the culprit can be arrested immediately. Futuristic driving licences are going to be in smart cards which are capable of carrying a load of information like personal details, record of previous offences or violations etc. The machine can read the details from a smart card and print them. Details of Bar codes can be read and printed by the bar code reader. IR port allows transfer of data from machine to machine.This traffic ticketing machine, though small and lightweight, is a nightmare to offenders and a boon to traffic police.

Handheld computers for spot billing
Handheld computers for spot billing are sister devices of ticketing machines, but contain different menus that cater to the needs of hotels, restaurants, canteens, shops, supermarkets etc and are used for point of sale (POS) billing. Restaurants and bars can use remote wireless machines that effectively can send orders placed by diners and clients to the kitchen or counter where kitchen order tickets (KOT) or bar order tickets (BOT) are printed and the orders complied with. This saves a lot of time and labor.

Hand held computers for Smart Card Reading
Hand held computers for Smart Card Reading reads and prints the details from contact less smart cards.

Handheld computers equipped with barcode readers
Handheld computers equipped with bar code readers are useful tools for inventory management in godowns, supermarkets, production units, factories etc. Nowadays almost all products have the price, date code and batch code, manufacturer’s name etc printed in barcodes. Bar code reader is a convenient scanner to decrypt the bar codes, memorize and print the details quickly and effectively.

Handheld meter reading machines are of two types
Handheld meter reading machines are of two types. One model enables a meter reader or an operator in the same category to collect the readings of a watt hour meter and does spot billing at its proximity whereas the other type takes the reading from a distance of up to 30 metres and carries out the spot billing.

GSM and GPRS enabled ticketing machines
GSM and GPRS enabled ticketing machines are the latest addition to the family of automatic ticketing machines. These machines can send and receive messages just like a GSM mobile handset. The control room can keep track of the position of a bus, get apprised of the passenger details and of the tickets, detect any anomaly that has occurred and can implement immediate remedial measures.

Handheld computers for issuing token
Handheld computers for issuing tokens for parking and toll booth collection print bills quickly and effectively.

Handheld Printing and spot billing machine for payment collection for cable operators.
Handheld Printing and spot billing machine for payment collection for cable operators, news agents and Pigmy collectors of SB and Rural banking are under production.

Salient features
Ø Advanced micro controller based system with latest hardwaretechnology that inspects, validates and processes contactless smart cards.
Ø 4MB to 16MB non-volatile data memory.
Ø Data preservation for more than ten years.
Ø Capacity to store information regarding10,000 tickets and 5,00 routes.
Ø Real time clock with separate battery back up.
Ø 20 x 4 graphic backlit LC display that can be expanded to 20 x 8.Ø 30 Alpha numeric elastomeric keyboard with different colours and can perform minimum 10 million operations.
Ø Ultra fast thermal printer with 55mm/sec speed, 384 dots having easy loading mechanism.
Ø Sensors for open paper cover and end of paper roll.Ø Li-ion high capacity battery capable of printing 4,000 tickets per charge.
Ø Auto charge termination for enhanced long life of battery.
Ø Soft touch power on / off key for easy operation.
Ø Auto power off.
Ø Battery low indication and automatic shutdown.Ø Automatic paper loading.
Ø RS 232 and IR port for ETM to ETM and PC to ETM and vice versa.
Ø Over 300 – 500 charge cycles per battery.
Ø Battery charging possible from automobile battery.

** The products are customisable.

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