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The first of its kind in India, BTM 100, the machine which christened MicroFx as the pioneers in automating the task of ‘on the spot’ ticket printing in buses, is sleek, small, quick and effective. The siblings of the first model followed in slim ABS plastic bodies i.e. BTM 101, BTM 102 and BTM 103.


The model BTM 102 is equipped with a printer with a cutter that shears the ticket automatically after printing. The model BTM 103 has GSM and GPRS modules incorporated in them. These models have proved once again that MicroFx is synonymous with perseverance for perfection through continuous innovation. In addition to these, MicroFx BTMs equipped with RF ID modules (ISO 14443 class A. Mifare) that read ID cards and print the details in them.

Bluetooth enabled machines (Range upto 100 metres) are a class apart making data transfer easier and quicker.

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