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It is a fast world and we are forced to live a fast life. In a hurry to reach their destinations, people overlook some basic rules, laws that are laid out for the safety of all road users, which have to be strictly adhered to. In the hustle-bustle of modern life, people forget to keep the driving licences with them, or they jump signals. These are sheer flouting which do not have any impunity. An officer at the scene of offence often finds it difficult to decide the amount of fine to be imposed depending on the nature of the offence. A hand held traffic ticketing machine is an ideal answer for this dilemmatic situation. A handheld traffic ticketing machine incorporating a printer is equipped with features like GSM/GPRS, RF ID, Barcode reader IR port etc. The GSM feature allows the machine to send messages to the control room whereas the GPRS facility maintains a wireless connectivity with the central server. Instantaneous decisions taken at the control room can be conveyed to the handheld machine which facilitates on the spot collection of penalty from the offender. 

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