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 Modernizing the way you issue tickets.



SMS based ticketing machine will be capable of sending ticket information to the client's registered mobile number via SMS. 


We have a dedicated server that works 24 hours round the clock, with zero down-time. Client can get real-time ticket information of multiple ticketing machines on their computer or smartphone.


Real-time GPS tracking information of multiple ticketing machines can be monitored simultaneously.



MicroFx Pvt Ltd  proudly celebrates its 27th Year of successful history. Since the beginning in 1991, proactive pursuit of perfection and continuous product improvement enabled MicroFx Pvt Ltd to maintain its unrivalled position as the major supplier of handheld “Electronic Ticketing Machines”. Renowned as the leading supplier of handheld ETMs to Road Transport Corporations of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Goa, Jammu & Kashmir, Pondycherry, PUNBUS and Madhya Pradesh States, MicroFx Pvt Ltd has made on the spot handheld electronic ticketing a reality and has become the pioneer in the field with more than 80000 ETMs in the field.

The unwavering commitment to excellence of its personnel, transforms every aspect of MicroFx Pvt Ltd  a pride for all those who associate with it. The R&D team of MicroFx Pvt Ltd  always strives in pursuit of innovation and technological perfection that are even beyond the imagination of its esteemed customers. The enviable success of MicroFx Pvt Ltd is seamlessly linked to the impeccable expertise of its staff and the technological advances made by its R&D team.        

MicroFx Pvt Ltd ETMs meet specific challenges of operation without compromise in quality even under the most adverse conditions.We at MicroFx Pvt Ltd solicit your trust to be engendered in its technology and its transparent, honest and efficient customer service.






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